Flange System

Wall, Floor & Door Grilles

Aluminium Wall Grilles

Aluminium Linear Grilles

Linear Aluminium Floor Grilles

Computer Room Floor Grilles

Opposed Blade Dampers

Plenum Boxes

Single/ Double Deflection Grilles

Curved Blade Grilles

Linear Bar Grilles

Slot Diffuser

Aluminium Door Or Transfer Grilles

Pressed Steel Transfer Grilles

Weather Louvres

Round-External Louvres In Aluminium

Non-Insulated Combi Flexible

Rectangular External Louvres In Aluminium

Stainless Steel External Louvres

Roof Mounted

Four Way Diffusers

Opposed Blade Dampers

Plenum Boxes

Perforated Grilles & Diffusers

Bespoke Pattern Diffusers

Circular Ceiling Diffusers

Air Valves

Steel Air Exhaust Valves

Steel Air Supply Valves

Plastic Air Valves

Stainless Steel Air Valves

Fire Resistant Air Valves

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