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When we formed Storm Ventilation Supplies in the spring of 2017 the plan was simple – be the best supplier of HVAC products in the UK. A lofty ambition which most start-ups have, but behind our dream we had a sound plan to make this a reality. We would only employ the very best people in the industry, then free them to do what they do best; no constraints, no tying them up with red tape, and no long winded, unnecessary procedures and policies. Nothing that would get in the way of doing their job of making customers’ lives easier. As directors, we have stripped out all of the complexities at branch level, leaving our staff free to stock and supply the goods to you, at the right price and on time. That’s it.

our strengths

Great attitude

Local branches

Technical advice

Experienced staff

Flexible approach

Complete stock range

Value engineered solutions

External Sales and Service support


We firmly believe that the staff in our branches are the best in the industry, and when we say best, we mean the best for you, our customers. We see examples of how far our teams are prepared to go for our customers to ensure you receive only the highest levels of service every day. 

Our stock range contains all of the standard products that you would expect to see within our industry; however, it is also shaped by our customers. What products do you struggle to get? Let us know and we will do our utmost to help you source them.

We focus on making every step of the process from your initial enquiry, to opening your account and all the way through to sending you invoices as simple as possible.

Our products

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