Our latest addition to the Storm Ventilation Supplies family is now fully stocked and up and running. The branch is in a prime position to serve both the East and West Midlands given its close proximity to the M6 and M42.  The really exciting news is that we have been lucky to have on board three members of staff who are already well established figures in the Midlands area in Paul Searle who is heading up the branch as Branch Manager, supported by Aaron Page as Assistant Branch Manager with James Shephard spearheading the sales effort.

It is early days for our new branch, but the signs are already  extremely encouraging and the potential in the region is huge.  However everyone at the branch is aware that our ambitions can only be achieved by giving customers a reason to use us – we have to be a benefit to a customers business, and that mindset of working hard for every order fits the Storm Philosophy that “Customer satisfaction isn’t enough.”

Paul, Aaron and James would love to hear from you – the branch details are on the “Find A Branch” page.




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